Corporate giving has been changing over time, and the recent dual health and social justice crises have given even more focus to their interests.

More and more, firms are looking to tightly focused priorities for their sponsorships, grantmaking, and alignments, and even more importantly are looking for every dollar spent to return business value.

Join corporate social responsibility experts Barbra Anderson and Janet Craig, co-founders of Destination Better, for an interactive experience that will let nonprofit pros look behind the curtain of current trends in corporate philanthropy decision-making. 

Destination Better's mission is to "equip, empower and encourage business leaders, CSR professionals and Everyday Superheroes with uncomplicated tools to create more socially and environmentally responsible companies." Barbra and Janet have been tapped for their expertise by CNBC, Ethical Corporation, the World Economic Forum and more, and regularly work with global corporations to create CSR strategies to increase profitability, enhance reputation and attract the best talent.

About our Speakers

Janet Craig & Barbra Anderson

Even though she loves numbers, data and bullet-proof processes (data IS her favorite 4 letter word!), Janet Craig's superpower is blending seemingly unrelated pieces of information and big ideas into strategies that make people happy and companies more profitable. She is also passionate about sharing the concept of corporate Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) ratings and how they will influence future investments. If you are ever in St Petersburg, FL, you might catch Janet paddle boarding in the mangroves or singing with her band in one of the sunniest, hippest, most sustainable cities in the world that she is proud to call home.


As a young girl who was raised with a “waste-not-want-not” mentality and went on annual mission trips, Barbra Anderson learned about the power of “doing the right thing” and developing relationships. She experienced the bonds that were created within the organization, and the people they served, which were foundational in her career path of leading companies’ efforts to add business value by being socially and environmentally responsible… and telling their story, an often-missed opportunity. Barbra's most favorite things in life are to spend time with her millennial and Gen Z kids, kayaking in beautiful St. Pete waters, and exercising as her “athlete-wanna-be” persona.

Janet Craig & Barbra Anderson