Personal Attention

Get personal guidance and extra resources

Have questions specific to your organization or your own leadership journey? Sign up for this 1:1 session to get support and assistance from Dr. Emilie Socash to use as you wish in 30-minute calls or 60- or 90-minute marathons!

How you can use your time...

In each of our meetings, you are in the driver's seat. My philosophy is that you already have all of the answers you need; my role is to help you discover them and put them in to action. I use several models from my academic and professional leadership psychology background, including "Immunity to Change," theories of adult psychological development, appreciative inquiry, and personal mission statement development.

I help my coachees:

  • Recharge: Reinvesting in yourself and your own development will deepen your effectiveness in your current role and best prepare you for the next challenge.

  • Learn & Grow: Self-exploration is the most important work we can do together, including crafting a personal mission statement, a career forecast, and a personal learning plan.

  • Develop Leadership Skills: By reflecting on your existing areas of proficiency, we can then work toward building out additional competencies, clarity, and confidence.

My Model of Practice

In the coaching and educational work that I do through The Mission Labs and our parent company, Empower Creative, I'm guided by the internationally recognized standard on organizational development. In addition, I keep a standard reference library of go-to perspectives and techniques at the ready to use in the situations that arise with my clients, staying current on the best practices in the industry. (Click here to view the image below in a larger format.)

About Dr. Emilie Socash

Dr. Emilie Socash

Founder & CEO, Nonprofit Help Center

Driving success in nonprofits and the people who lead them, Nonprofit Help Center founder Dr. Emilie Socash is an organizational and leadership psychologist who approaches community building through her creative and quick-witted style. With 20+ years of nonprofit leadership experience, she has stretched her legs in many directions, developing a dynamic public speaking style, an authentic relationship-building ability, and the knack for community building and strategic planning that only comes from years in the trenches. She held the role of executive director for over 10 years, as well as advancing development lead roles which gave her the opportunity to lead capital campaigns (which raised $19m), legacy initiatives (which raised $30m), inspired direct-giving campaigns and more across turn-around, start-up, and sustaining nonprofits. In addition to her doctoral degree, she holds a Masters in Nonprofit Management and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.