Capacity assessment during crisis? 100% yes!

On-Demand Webinar Replay | 1 CFRE Point

Capacity assessment--and the action planning that follows--can transform your organization from managing survival to leading through change. 

Attendees will enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at how capacity assessment works, including its ability to measure the organization’s current developmental stage and determine priority steps to take to advance toward community impact. Even more exciting is the opportunity to truly evaluate the impact that your nonprofit is having on your community and hear from an expert on the change that robust and targeted data can offer for moving your organization forward.

About our Speaker

Sally Munemitsu

Sally Munemitsu, Co-Founder, COO and Chief Collaborator, builds and manages Algorhythm’s internal and external relationships to ensure that our work together is meaningful and efficient. Sally has specialized in program and grants management and capacity building for more than 25 years and has particular expertise in developing and implementing capacity building initiatives and the utilization of evaluation data to improve program design and implementation. Her strengths lie in taking overarching strategy and learnings and making them practical and feasible on the ground – working closely with individuals and teams to make things work. Sally is a graduate of the Wharton Lauder MBA-MA program at the University of Pennsylvania and began her career as an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher.